Our core commitments are expressed in a three stage model.

1 – We are evangelicals

This implies a commitment to certain beliefs as set out, for example, in the Evangelical Alliance (UK) Basis of Faith and shared by the vast majority of Evangelicals worldwide.

2 – We are charismatics

We are committed to living in the Spirit, building the church, seeking the Kingdom and focussing on mission.

3 – We are Taking Ground

Some of the more distinctive commitments that characterise our family of churches relate to:
• Relationship
• The place of Scripture
• Discipleship
• Holiness and purity
• Marriage and family
• Leadership and eldership
• The apostolic gifts
• Ephesians 4 ministries
• Giving and generosity
• Wider relationships

These can be seen more fully, along with Bible references, in our Core Commitments document.