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Taking Ground Academy is a new and exciting opportunity for you to journey with a group of interns for a year of adventure, growing as a disciple of Jesus. This is a year to grow in your gifting, develop your leadership, expand your understanding of the Bible, serve the local church, and engage in society-transforming mission.

Taking Ground Academy gives you the opportunity to gain experience in a particular stream, and also offers the unique option to gain a professional qualification in Leadership and Management.

Tell me more…

Taking Ground Academy is part of the Taking Ground network of churches. From Hexham in the north to York in the south of our region,  Taking Ground Academy will help you develop your gifts and calling as we seek to be world changers and cultural reformers together.

God said to Joshua, “Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land”(Joshua 1:6). This great encouragement and challenge was an invitation to step into a new calling and destiny for Joshua. Still today, God invites us to respond to the same call to step into a discipleship adventure with him. Our prayer is that this year will shape you as a disciple and empower you to go and make a difference in the world around you.

Who is it for?

Internships are open to anyone over the age of 18 who has a heart to be discipled and can give a year (part time or full time) to grow as a disciple of Jesus.

Key Elements of the Program


You will be supported in your growth as a Christ-like leader through teaching, reflection, and experience in a wide variety of contexts – to help you reach your potential. Through individual and group mentoring sessions, led by a team of experienced, mature Christian leaders, you will be empowered to step out in faith, work in teams, take on responsibility and make a real difference in the church and the world.


You will be helped to grow in your ability to dig deep into God’s Word, so you can not only know God better but also be equipped to reach out into his world. This is an opportunity to develop a biblical mindset that can think theologically and respond to current cultural issues. Studying Scripture will be a key part of your weekly rhythm, as well as engaging with our regional theological training program, School of Applied Theology. www.takingground.org.uk/school-of-applied-theology/


You will receive discipleship input both in your gifting and your character, to help you further your destiny in God. There is a huge amount of gifting within you, much of it still unlocked. As an Intern, we will work with you to help bring that out—through a personal mentor, small groups, 1-2-1 meetings with a staff member, and coaching in your INTERN ACADEMY STREAM. You will also attend regional training events to learn alongside other Interns.


You will have wide-ranging opportunities to join in the work of the gospel across our region as we seek to transform society through impacting, Kingdom-focused action. You will work with our partner charities and ministry programs, engaging in a range of contexts that reach out from the local church and that really make a difference, including Training and Enterprise, Debt Relief, Housing, Food Support, and more.


As part of the INTERN ACADEMY you will also have the option to achieve a Master’s Level qualification in Leadership and Management. This qualification will see you develop into a strategic leader, providing you with key skills for future work or ministry life. The modules include self-leadership, leading others, changing cultures, building business plans, change management, project management, decision making, problem solving and much more. All this is achieved through a project that you will deliver in your INTERN ACADEMY STREAM throughout the year.


You will gain a wide range of experience in the life of the local church, through various serving opportunities. In addition, you will be able to choose a particular INTERN ACADEMY STREAM. Streams create time and space for you to engage in a department, developing specific and transferable skills. This is an opportunity to put theory into practice, all while developing your gifting and calling.

● Evangelism
● Worship
● Teaching and Preaching
● Students
● Community Development
● Children
● Business Development
● Operations
● Youth
● Media and Production
● Social Action
● Project Management

Frequently Asked Questions


Where will I live during the Internship?

You can either find your own accommodation or we can find lodging for you with members of one of our Taking Ground churches.

How much does the Internship cost?

The Internship Program for 2024-25.

Program cost: £1700


Level 7 qualification:  +£4325

Accommodation: +£1800

Assistance with transport +£750The only additional things you need to budget for are personal expenditure and flights.

Your home church and your friends and family may be willing to invest in these costs with you. And bursaries may be available for any who struggle with part of the costs.

What will my week look like?

All interns across the Taking Ground churches will gather centrally one day a week for discipleship, leadership development and qualification work for those who choose that option. The rest of your week will be spent working in your Stream in the local church, engaging in discipleship/mentoring, serving etc.

What happens after the Internship?

We believe this program will help you be ready for life, fully prepared for your next steps, whether in the workplace, ministry, or further study. Some of our Interns may have the opportunity to stay on for a Ministry Trainee Program, shadowing senior leaders of our churches or ministries for a further year.


What next?

Where do I find out more?

To find out more or to apply, reach out to us by email at intern@takingground.org.uk and we will get back to you or arrange a call to talk further and to organise an interview.