The Daniel Challenge program runs September–July, with 41 working weeks and 3 weeks holiday (two weeks at Christmas and one week at Easter).

Each week you will do flexible hours for various programmes, depending on what the needs of the church you are working in are; some activities will be during the day, others during the evenings, meaning you could be busy for part or all of the day. You will usually have two days off per week, though these days may not be next to each other and may often be in half-days.

Each week will be broken down into theology, servanthood, evangelism and leadership. You will have formal theology teaching, looking at “Christ and His Kingdom in all the scriptures”, as well as weekly qualification teaching and training, covering religious education, leadership, planning, time management, and so much more to equip you for life.

A large part of your week will be social action programs – working with the young, the old,  the vulnerable and poor, church members, and working alongside skilled people equipping you for community development, e.g. Eden projects and CAP centres.

In the second half of the year you will go on a mission trip to teach and pray for all kinds of people. This is often the highlight of the year!