What is Daniel Challenge?


It’s a year for your CV

We want you to stand out from the crowd when it comes to job and university applications. We can provide you with the tools and the opportunities to create the perfect CV, such as leadership, teamwork, planning, communication skills and resource management and many more.

It’s a year for life skills

We will equip you and prepare you for the real world. We want to give you solid biblical skills for financial management, time management, problem solving, consequential thinking and self control in every area of  your life.

It’s a year for your spirit

Its’ a year of discipleship – forming character, developing spiritual gifts, Bible teaching, evangelism, social action and going on a mission trip. You will also serve in churches and communities across the North East of England.


All this and qualifications! You will get qualifications from the National Open College Network, as follows: Level 3 in Skills, Employment, Training and Personal Development, and Level 3 in Religious Education.

“… But the people who know their God will display strength and take action.” Dan 11:32b (NSAB)


KNOW GOD: You’ll get to know Him for who He is and develop increasing intimacy with Him. This means growing in love, adoration and worship of Him, knowing His voice, knowing Him in and through the word and in prayer. What’s the essential outcome? Passion. A passion for Christ, a life lived in devotion to Him and service of Him; young leaders who live to see His will and purposes move the nations.


DISPLAY STRENGTH: We’re looking to develop the next generation of leaders who carry the imprint of Christ on their lives; youth who carry a spirit of excellence in their  character and actions, who always stand steady in hard times and stay faithful to God in all things; leaders who overcome all obstacles through deep-rooted faith in God and His Word. It’s about developing a daily lifestyle of knowing and showing the power of the Holy Spirit. This year will help you to develop supernatural gifts and ministries. Just like Daniel, it’s your time to display strength, purpose and character, to influence and to lead.

TAKE ACTION: The word here is initiative. It’s a year to be trained and helped to see the need all around you, to become stirred to take action and make things happen. We’re looking for young leaders to become self-motivated self-starters that see their actions through to the finish line – not because you’re told to, but because of your own strength of conviction. The actions have got to be Godly – about God, because of God and for God. They’ve got to be in line with the Bible and confirmed by good counsel. These life-changing actions will bear the imprint of Christ Himself.