Taking Ground 2020 Vision

Our churches are part of Salt and Light Ministries UK, a family of churches together on mission.
In the UK, that mission is expressed as our 2020 Vision.
‘Pioneering, proclaiming, transforming –together!’

We are committed to 4 goals:

Planting and Growing Churches
By 2020 we aim to be a region that has grown to 16 healthy, mission-focused churches and 4-5000 people.

Developing Apostolic Bases
By 2020 we aim to have increased to 4 regional apostolic bases that strengthen, equip and support churches to reach our communities and regions, and beyond.

Releasing Leadership
By 2020 we aim to have trained at least 75 new leaders for churches and teams, inspiring, equipping and leading God’s people into our vision.

Transforming Society
By 2020 we aim to have developed 5 regional initiatives that significantly impact and change society within the North East.